Thursday, January 12, 2012

looky - Looky

~ favorito ~

Look at me updating the blog
after over a year --
even in order - haha -
so many pictures though
it might take a little while - haha!

Halloween 2011

Well We've got a Rainbow Brite &
Hiccup from - "How to train Your Dragon"
Checkin' out their loot!

Portland Children's Museum Never Gets Old...

Kylie is quite the little artist...

Ice Cream Cake - Manicures - Build a Bear's & Seafood Dinner...

August 17th 2011

Sounds like a 7 year old Kylie's Bday to me!!
all of her favorite things!!!
Cute little toothless grin!

Flower Manicure for the bday girl!

haha... the lobster education
we always wanted!!

Our Child loves Seafood --
All she ever wants is to go out to eat Sushi
She had been begging us for months to let her try Red Lobster
So we took her for her bday dinner ---
Much to brayden's dismay -
who will not touch any food with a ten foot pole
unless its peanut butter and jelly

August 17th 2011

It's Great to Be 8!!!

July 8th 2011

sweet Brayden Boy turned 8 --
& got Baptized!
It was a great day!
July 8th 2011

Brayden's Biggest Bday wish Come true!!

We had such a fun day feeding braydens Lego obsession - haha!

July 7th 2011

oh -- how can something that is this FUN
inflict so much pain to my feet!!!
haha - I LOVE leggos
but my goodness they are

Hangin' w/ the Galyan Gang!!!

May 2011

It makes me really Happy that our kiddos
Can pick up and play together like they had been together
all along! Just Like me & Jill :)